Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have trauma?

That's not a problem, we can still help. It's also okay if you're not sure. And remember that when many think of 'trauma' they think of going to a therapist and complaining about their childhood, or stories you see in newspaper headlines. We mean more than that. We mean the experiences in life that snag us, some we know of, some we don't. But they make solving issues more complicated. Those complications are often the reason things don't clear up despite our best efforts things that have worked for others but not us. Once that is incorporated in the treatment, everything gets easier.

Is it okay if I'm skeptical?

Absolutely. Please bring your questions and skepticism and allow the work to show you how it happens. All we ask is that you please be open, as it’s pointless for everyone if you are fighting us.

What if I'm traveling just to see Jim?

People travel from all over to see Jim Honey and we will create a schedule that works for your temporary stay. Just let us know your dates.

What will I feel?

In terms of the energy, most people report feeling heat, floaty, or tingling. It can be cool to feel this, but it has more to do with your physiological sensitivity to energy vibrations than how suitable you are or how effective the work is.


 In terms of yourself, the short answer is, you'll feel better. That's how you evaluate if what we're doing is working, and it's all that really matters. 

What actually happens?

During healing appointments you will be asked to fill in a few forms. After speaking with your healer about your goals, you will be invited to lie fully clothed on a massage table. Your practitioner will move slowly around the table and place their hands gently on, or hovering over, energy access points throughout your body. This varies to accommodate pregnant women and people whose pain or comfort requires different positions.